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The Obnoxious Child: When an Audience Makes Behavior Worse Family Articles | October 30 Cheap Jake Bailey Jersey , 2010
Does your child?s behavior become more obnoxious, demanding and ?smart-alecky? when he has an audience? Some kids just seem to ?step up the show? as soon as their friends come over. You?ll see this happening with both kids who are occasionally out of line, and those who are obnoxious chronically.

Chronically obnoxious kids often have a hidden agenda. What that means is that you will see them putting other people down in order to feel better about themselves. Think of it this way: rude comments or jokes at the expense of someone else are like little power thrusts. It makes some kids feel powerful when they?ve made somebody else look stupid or incompetent?especially if that person is an adult.

Sometimes kids behave this way because they have problems dealing with others ? perhaps they have a hard time with authority, for example, or some type of social anxiety. I?ve seen many kids who use this type of behavior because they?re feeling nervous or insecure. But remember Cheap Jarrett Stidham Jersey , feeling anxious doesn?t give anyone the right to be mouthy, disrespectful or make fun of others in a mean way.

Whether your child is demanding and obnoxious occasionally or chronically, you have to let them know what they?re doing is not okay?your role is to teach, coach and guide them by setting limits and challenging their inappropriate behavior.

6 Ways to Turn Around Your Child?s Obnoxious Behavior


Prepare Your Child: If your child is regularly demanding and rude in front of others, I recommend that you have a talk with him about how he is expected to behave before you enter any social setting.

? ? ?

For example Cheap Hjalte Froholdt Jersey , let?s say your child wants to have some friends over to play video games. An hour or so before the other kids arrive, say to your child, ?Look, if you get a little anxious or nervous today, I don?t want you to speak to me in a rude or sarcastic way. I want you to talk to me nicely; in fact Cheap Yodny Cajuste Jersey , I?m not going to respond if you?re bossy or demanding. I?m going to pull you away from your friends and talk to you about it. If you do it a second time, I?ll correct you in front of them. And if the behavior continues, I will send you to your room?or send them home.?

? ? ?

Your goal here is to try to set the stage for good behavior. Let your child know ahead of time what will happen if he behaves inappropriately. This is like reading him the rules of the game before you start playing?now, you?re both aware of what will happen if he crosses the line.

? ?


Call Your Child Aside: If your child starts being disrespectful in front of his guests, call him over and say Cheap Damien Harris Jersey , ?I don?t like how you?re behaving right now. I want you to talk to me nicely,? and then leave the room.

? ?


Correct Your Child Publicly: This is the last chance before your child is sent to his room for a time-out or his guests are sent home altogether. You can simply say, ?Jacob, don?t talk to me that way just because Connor and Thomas are here. Remember we talked about that.? Again, walk away.

? ?


Stop the Show: If your child still isn?t able to control himself Cheap Chase Winovich Jersey , you need to stop the show. Tell him that he needs to go to his room and that you?ll be up in a moment. Ask his friends to go sit in the living room. You?ll find that they will usually respond to your authority, no matter what your child is doing.

? ? ?

When you go up to your child?s room, challenge him on his behavior by saying: ?What did you see down there that made you think it was okay to be demanding and make fun of me? What was going on?? Your child is probably going to give you some excuses?and try to blame you. At this point, you can say, ?Blaming me isn?t the solution. The solution is to calm down Cheap Joejuan Williams Jersey , slow down, and talk to me respectfully. I want you to take five minutes in your room and come up with how you are going to talk to me for the rest of the time your friends are here. I?ll be right back.?

? ? ?

Putting a time of five minutes on it gives your child some time to calm down before you return. Because again, you?re just trying to help him get focused on how he should behave. When you go back to his room, simply have him tell you how he?s going to talk to you. Then say, ?Fine Cheap N'Keal Harry Jersey , let?s go out and give it a try.?

? ? ?

That way, the pressure is on him. It?s his responsibility to behave himself in front of his friends. Of course, if you have younger children, you have to monitor and watch them more, but as they get older Wholesale New England Patriots Jerseys , remind them that their guests are their respon

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