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I was born in the north, in a small town, a river flows through from here. The air in the north sucked into the nasal cavity with coldness. At the end of March, there was still heavy snow like Yang Baihua. I couldn't meet a lilac girl on the blue stone board. But in spring, there are large areas of lilacs. There are many lilacs on the elementary school campus. At the beginning of May, a large mass of purple fenfus appeared in the dark green wax leaves out of thin air. Sunshine passed through the plants, we hid under the flowers, we had green leaves dripping in our mouths, sniffing the dream-like fragrance, lying on our back on the warm red brick paved playground. We were all very young that year, with ridiculous claw braids and school uniforms hanging loosely on our bodies. One hundred cents for a lollipop was overjoyed, and a cry for the disappearance of a small sticker that burst a soap bubble. We are so indifferent to the world. Several sisters in the same school said that if you find three cloves of lilac, you can find happiness. So, the three-petalled lilac and me, and my little friends, suddenly became magical, like the wand of the godmother of Xianduruila. The concept of happiness is still vague, maybe it is a good thing. A bag of candy? Wonderful fairy tale book? In my memory, my friends and I always linger among the lilac bushes, Zhang opened his pupils to find the three-petalled lilac, looking for the happiness it brought. However Carton Of Cigarettes, when our eyes started to dry, we spread our hands in disappointment, and then ran home in the afterglow of the sunset, and there was no trace of lilac on the campus of our respective growing high schools. Once in May, we habitually Looking for a faint fragrance, only a few rare dandelions were found. I still believe in what the school sisters said, I do n��t know why, maybe it ��s just a speculation? The wind has passed through the years Cigarettes For Sale, and my childhood friends have already abandoned this naive thing, but I am nostalgic for not returning. Lilac is not like spring peach, April Fangfei has been exhausted; unlike Xiahe, the endless lotus leaves are endless; unlike autumn chrysanthemum, the branches prefer to die of incense; unlike winter plum, the dust is only as sweet as the old. Open freely, wither carefully. Lilac is so elegant, and he is such a special person. Like three cloves of lilac, it keeps me warm. He is the quietest boy in the class, always rendering a purple lilac with paint on white paper. He said that he likes these free flowers and has no dispute with the world. I said, me too. He left the day after the Hundred Days battle in the senior high school entrance examination to learn painting. Leave me a purple shadow. The nearest flower is exceptionally clear. One, two, three, three petals. I am ecstatic. So I walked by under the pressure of learning, and the number on the countdown of the big entrance exam in the building decreased every day. Forbearance, I will continue to live forbearance. "Lilac" is placed in the headset, and a book of questions is made under the lamp. Mathematical physics and chemistry, the clove is dead. I have n��t found the three-petal clove. The city is small Newport 100S. Snow flakes outside the window at the end of March. The flowers bloomed as if I were basking in the sun under the lilac when I was young. I think the three-petal clove is in my hand, and my own happiness is in my palm. I think maybe I am the three-petal clove, and if I lose one, I learn to grow. We are all
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