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In 2038, there are fewer and fewer cars on the street, replaced by "light speed sensors". I just finished a concert and was ready to go home to rest. Suddenly, a familiar image appeared in front of me. Just listen to the video and say to me: "Zhao Yingwei, what about you? It's bad for you! Oops, stop talking, stop talking, I still have a lot of things to do, you hurry up!" Disappeared before my eyes. I suddenly realized! Yeah, today is the day when I and my elementary school classmates made an appointment 20 years ago! Thinking of this, I immediately rushed to my alma mater. As soon as I stepped into the campus, a touch of intimacy came. Following childhood memories, I found the familiar classroom. Just walked into that warm classroom, oops! In the distance, wearing a pettiskirt, a small crown on her head, and short shoulder-length hair, she was chatting and laughing with the classmates next to her, and she was a very elegant lady. Wasn't my childhood girlfriend Yang Yuxi? She has been learning piano since she was five years old. She has been determined to be a piano player since she was a child. Now she has become a well-known and well-known piano player. In the past two decades, everyone has changed a lot: the former "little fat girl" Zhang Zhiying was also a veritable beauty after she lost weight! At that time, Shu Yuxin, who was timid and afraid of life, was not only a broadcaster of TV station, but also a famous painter! Nie Zihan was the most impressive thing for me. He has loved public welfare since the first grade of elementary school. Now he is the CEO of many public welfare companies. Just when I looked around and wanted to know more about the situation of my classmates Wholesale Cigarettes, Shu Yuxin gently walked up the podium with his skirt elegantly, holding The microphone said: "Time passes really fast! Twenty years ago, we made a twenty-year contract here. Twenty years later, we gathered here to recall the interesting things of childhood! I have to sigh mokingusacigarettes.com, the time is really The most ruthless. Today, we are here again, telling about our teacher-student relationship and classmate relationship, let us cherish this rare opportunity, and get together happily ... "The party went on in an orderly way, and the students got together Talking very happy, the atmosphere of the whole classroom is still so harmonious and so happy. Let me have the illusion that we have returned to the unforgettable period of elementary school twenty years ago. We are still those sunny teenagers, Miss Tang is still the energetic female youth. We will meet again in 20 years Carton Of Cigarettes, the mountain, the water, the country at that time must be more beautiful ... "Zhang Zhiying's singing It was so beautiful. Listening to her song, the students couldn't help but shed tears. Yes, we were so naive and carefree at that time! But twenty years later, all the changes around us It ��s so big. I ca n��t help but imagine that in twenty years, will we still be able to get together and get together as we do today? ��No matter what, I will definitely come as scheduled. In 2058, we will see each other! "I meditated in my heart.
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