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he charm of this 4D movie so

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At night, the stars in the sky blinked, and the moon was curved, hanging in the sky. The Huangpu Auditorium is very lively tonight. Why? Because the 4D movie "Mouse into the City" and three other movies are to be broadcast here Marlboro Cigarettes. The square of the Huangpu Auditorium is full of people, and people keep coming in. The cars are almost blocking the crosswalk! I watched this scene and could n��t help but wonder: Is the charm of this 4D movie so great? So attractive? It turns out: 4D movies are the result of a combination of stereoscopic movies and stunt theaters. In addition to the three-dimensional visual images, the screen can also simulate natural phenomena such as lightning, smoke, snowflakes, and odors. The seats of the audience can also produce actions such as falling, vibration, wind, water, and leg sweeping. These on-site special effects and three-dimensional images are closely combined with the plot, bringing new entertainment effects to the audience in visual and physical experience, just like being immersive and intensely exciting. Is it so magical? I must take a good look. I hurriedly bought two student tickets (my brother and I watched). After the ticket was bought, I also sent two 4D special glasses Cigarettes For Sale. The eyes are the same as the glasses we used to watch the total solar eclipse, but the lenses are different , It is made of special materials, and only with it can you see the effect of 4D movies. Finally, it was time to enter the field. My brother and I entered the field. The two of us found a good place, and the movie just started. We quickly put on our glasses and prepared to watch it from the beginning. It was a dense forest: there were birds and flowers, the trees were shaded, so beautiful! The mirror turned to a tree-it was the home of "me". There are three mice in it, the boss, the second and the third. Their home decoration is still quite good. "I" was thinking about one thing in bed: Hey, why am I born in the countryside, not in the city? Seeing this, I still feel that he is so happy, because there is no gray sky in the countryside, no car exhaust, and no dirt Stream, a world of flowers, an animal world, a beautiful world. I really want to go to the countryside! The next day, "I" went to the cornfield and prepared to pick a few corns for breakfast Newport Cigarettes. But who knows: "I" went to the cornfield and picked a good one. ,: "Ah, it hurts me!" It turned out that this corn seed was too hard, and the teeth had been "ko" off. Later, I stepped on it again. In the end, Kung Fu paid off, "I" finally stepped on the corn. With corn and cart, he encountered a snake. I ran out of my legs without regard to carts and corn. After going back this time, "I" wanted to go to the city a lot more, so I decided to say goodbye to the countryside and go to the city to pack my luggage and follow the train Walk through the aisle. After a long walk, I finally arrived at the "I" dream land-the city
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