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From ancient times to the present day, some people have said that "opening is beneficial." However Newport Cigarettes, some people say that "unwinding may not be beneficial." In the Han Dynasty, Liu Xiang once said: "Books are still medicine, and good reading can cure folly." Since books are medicines, they must be divided into two types: one is good medicine, and the medicine is cured; Yes, a good book will make your life more fulfilling, and a bad book will ruin your life. In response to the question of whether unwinding is beneficial, our class decided to start a debate. The positive argument is "opening is beneficial" Marlboro Cigarettes, and the negative argument is "opening is not necessarily beneficial". Our group was drawn to the opposite side, and I, who was determined to win glory for the group, became the first debater. The rules of the game are as follows: the square one against the counter one, and the square two against the counter two. During the game, please ask the first debater to summarize your views, then conduct a 5-minute free debate, and finally invite one Debater summary. In this way, a war without smoke started. The first player to play is the anti-one, that is, the author of this article, then the second, third, and fourth are also successively played, and finally the four superb powerful defenders of the square play, watching their imposing Hong's appearance, I had to squeeze sweat for my teammates. "Now that the game has officially started, I would like to ask Zheng Fang No. 1 to sum up his views on the battlefield," the host said. Zheng Fang No. 1 defender Zou Gajun is very eloquent, and after listening to her summary, although I am confident, but still a little nervous. When the host said that I would like to speak on the back of the No. 1 defense, my nervous heart beat faster, as if there was a little white rabbit in my heart pounding, in the eyes of the teammates, I slowly On the rostrum, Zhen Zhen said eloquently: "Unwinding is not necessarily beneficial, like some students fall in love with comics, martial arts novels, and some students fall in love with some unhealthy magazines Carton Of Cigarettes..." When I finished speaking The teammates on stage gave me a trumpet of victory! Next, we have a free debate for 5 minutes. "The debate continued. The first speaker was the first defender. From her eyes, I saw her unrelenting determination. When she finished, I went back to it and continued to refute her views. In this way, we have a fierce battle of words, the most powerful thing is the powerful words of Sun Dachuan: "Reading bad books wastes time, wastes life and wastes energy. "His words made the opponents speechless. In the end, the laughter of the players broke the silence of the opponent." Below, I would like to sum up on the first argument. "I went to the stage and summed up our views with a smile. That's it. We beat the square with extraordinary play and good eloquence. This is really a fierce and meaningful" war ".
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