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It is a pleasure not to understand deliberate and reason. A purposeless walk, maybe something in my heart, or nothing, just want to be bored for a while, clean for a while, is a good way to relax, a good way to decompress, always better than quarreling It is much more self-respecting than a noisy person. It is more casual than smoking and drinking. Although it is not as elegant as tea and coffee, it has self-regulating ease and soothing. Self-regulation that is not disturbed is a good habit of being civilized and clear introspection. The word is eight paintings, the vocabulary is five paintings, the life words are eight paintings, the five homophonic is me, the root of the life eight paintings is life, the good and bad of life, is how to play, in fact, how to play easily In the middle of the eight-character, you have to think about everything. If you can't figure it out, you will become a dead end. If you are a cow, it will be difficult for adults. Naturally, you will be fascinated. Half crazy and half epilepsy, it is a living god. Maybe there is a little truth that it is a kind of happiness. It may not be a pain to squat back, or letting go of a self-censorship in the future, or letting go down is a sin. Putting it down is an escape. For the sake of self-looseness, then choose not to let go, choose a clear numbness, not for yourself, but live for the cause of suffering. Living is a painful pleasure Online Cigarettes. A kind of beauty that does not let go, a beautiful fragrance that only knows itself. The pain of one person alone melts thousands of happiness and liberation, and does not let go of loneliness. Everyone is serious, they are all serious and eager, they are rushing, rushing, chasing life in an orderly manner, chasing the interests between them and the goals that are not far behind, chasing ideals that have far-reaching foundations Marlboro Gold, let go It is a kind of truth. It is not necessarily unreasonable to let go. It is just a state of mind, just a concept of space. Every road is not straight. No road can be without a ramp. Even if there is a straight line like the equator, the earth is still round, and the earth is not a pure garden. Life is not a comparison but a reference. Turn left to have a road Newport Cigarettes Coupons, turn right and there is a road, the south is also the road, the road is not the direction, the direction is not the road, the roads lead to Rome, the roads lead to Beijing, the roads are the same, there is also a bright sky, the human world The reason is very different. Clear heart, silent, I do not know why travel, just a mood. Life is like a dream. Life in a dream is not clean. It is like falling leaves. If the wind can come, you can��t. For a bowl of leftovers, wait until noon, wait until the night falls, wait until the stars and the moon, wait until the dawn of the red, wait until the moment of noon, and wait until you will starve to death. Quietly and silently, take your rice bowl, or leave with empty hands, leave without complaints and hatred, be earnestly thank you, let you understand the truth, let you go hungry, not others, you If you can't get it, don't ask for it. If you get it, don't get it, give it up.
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