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s and plants daze.

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When the dawn of last night, Chang��an was a rare place in the place. I was awakened by the loud sound of its rumble, and I heard it carefully, and it seemed to be mixed with wind and rain. I couldn't sleep anymore, and suddenly there was a scene from my childhood: sitting on the threshold and eating and sitting on the threshold. It was already a long time ago. I remember that at that time, our sisters and sisters still In elementary school, the family is very poor, and there are not even a few stools. Without a stool, you can only sit on the threshold. It was just that, at that time, the floor was not covered by bricks, the threshold was high enough, and it was comfortable to sit. Therefore, when it was time to eat, the threshold became the main position for several of our sisters. At that time, every spring and autumn, it was the busy season of our family. Working all day during the day, at dusk, the younger brothers and sisters sitting side by side on the threshold, drinking the mother's porridge, one or two chopsticks sauerkraut, pulling home, it is also a flavor! After the meal, a few of our little monkeys slammed the door and watched the cartoon watching cartoons. Only the father, this time, rolled up a cigarette, sitting on the threshold, looking at the opposite black mountain, listening to the opposite The owl of the owl standing under the banyan tree along the side of the mountain, after a long sigh of relief, then leisurely taste the cigarette to sit on the threshold and eat and watch the rain, but also have some fun, especially thunderstorm. When I was young, there was a lot of thunderstorms. It seems that there are at least five or six times a year in memory. Although the rain in northern Shaanxi is not frequent in Xi'an, however, as long as it is up, the momentum is definitely better than Xi'an. The rain seems to contain the masculinity of our people in northern Shaanxi. If you don��t go down, you can��t go down. It��s a shame, you can use it to describe it with amazement. Before the thunderstorm came, it was necessary to flash. At that time, every afternoon, the sparks of the cockroaches flashed white light at the head of the mountain, and the light and thunder were regularly caught in it. After a while, the wind and the clouds came together. The wind helped the cloud, and the black clouds were like a devil-like obstacle. Half the sky, thick black and thick; it seemed as if the thousands of horses were galloping in the sky. The cloud is erratic, and it looks like this for a while. It��s just like the text ��Fire Cloud�� that I learned when I was young Cigarettes Online. The only difference is that the cloud is yellow, and the thunderstorm is black. If the wind is big enough, probably only In five or six minutes, except for one of the mountains, a fish belly was turned over, and the rest of the sky was covered by black clouds. At this time, the thunder was fiercer and more intense, and sometimes it was like an old man who made a roaring old roar; sometimes it was like a 20-year-old brave man who shouted and made a deafening noise, then went on. It��s a flash of lightning. For a long time, after the thunder and lightning showed the sound, they only heard Huo's bang, and countless raindrops were sprinkled in the yard. At this time, our family crowded together at the door to watch the rain. After watching the rain, then I watched the clouds, watched the floods, looked at the mountains of Langrun, looked at the grass and trees washed by the green rain, and watched the evening glow at dusk. Drain the water in the yard, staring at the scattered clouds, staring at the swallows carrying the mud, staring at the green willows... Ah! Everything is so beautiful. After I was in junior high school, my eldest sister and the second sister went out to work. I rarely went home. Since then, I have never sat on the door to eat, and I have never sat on the door. rain. When I was in the third day, in order to make a happy event for my elder sister, my parents asked the craftsman to paint the house again. I also laid bricks and cement on the floor. The door sill was submerged in the cement bricks. After no more muddy high school, I There are fewer times to go home, and the number of family reunions is even rarer. During the holidays, when I return home, I am often just living with my mother and living a pampered life Cigarettes For Sale. However, somehow, every time I went to the holiday, I was not happy at all Parliament Cigarettes. Every day, I just walked around the yard with a stepping step, watching the flowers and plants daze. I was lying on the sofa and thinking about it, lying for a long time, I was even more faint. Fell asleep.
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